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therapy without walls


No longer is therapy confined to a counsellor’s room.

Now, it's music, and art, and exercise, and being outdoors. And more.

recreativ mind:health recognises that the connection between our mind and bodies is stimulated by music, art, exercise, nature, and more.


Our evidence-based recreativ toolkit strengthens these

connections to ease the burden of anxiety and depression.

What do we do?

  • We provide integrated mental health programs tailored to your needs and preferences.

  • Specialising in men, young people and trauma, recreativ mind:health delivers client-led therapy integrating the psychological and physical.

  • Clients can use the recreativ toolkit to help Protect Your Mind:Health against anxiety and depression.

  • Our creativ and activ approach embeds the positiv changes across your life more than talking therapies can.

Our simple recreativ mind:health process:

  1. Contact us online / by phone.

  2. Meet to discuss your needs and develop a personal plan with your therapist.

  3. Meet regularly to make those positiv changes.

  4. Use optional online weekly check-ins to measure your progress.

  5. Adjust your program in response to your progress and developing needs.

  6. Feel better.

How to get in touch or make a booking:

For any mental health emergencies, please dial 000

How this started:
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in addition to our private clients,

we are thrilled to support: