What makes us different?

  • recreativ mind:health is therapy without walls. We reduce the physical & psychological barriers to accessing mental health support by having your sessions outdoors near you; reaping the benefits of nature and with the convenience of staying local.

  • Creativ + Activ: Anyone who is tired of the old approaches to mental health will love our integration of the psychological and physical. Males or females of any age can benefit from this evidence-based approach.

  • Client-led: You know your needs and your story, so work with your therapist to set therapy goals and design your program.

  • The "recreativ Toolkit" helps you reflect on and prioritise the personal and relationship improvements you seek.

  • Measurable change: After therapy goals are set, easily track your progress through weekly online check-ins.

  • Our integrated approach means that the benefits will be felt across your life - at home, work or school, and in the community.